I’m sorry to be so presumptuous as to rework your post

I found it almost impossible to read, with no separations between anything – even paragraphs or sentences.

I’m sure you feel deserving of an answer to your inquiry, and I agree that you should be able to get some sort of answer, if one is available. I hope you’ll see my reworking effort (just a few minutes) as a contribution rather than some sort of criticism.

I’ll make a comment about your inquiry at the end.

My daughter in law is setting up a website for a ‘wonderful’ guy

He claims to have been the youngest diamond in Amway back in the 70’s… and had some program called Olde Worlde… has been ‘ripped off’ by business partners…lots of sob stories as well as success stories, most of them ending in someone else messing up and ending the program. I could go on and on about him and what he’s said. I met him a couple weeks ago and all I got from him was ‘slimeball’.
He’s looking for diet pills and herbal teas to sell…but his focus is on setting up this MLM program…the matrix… 2×22 or something.
Doesn’t mean anything to me. Going to give out 1000 ‘free’ positions so that people can go online and see that there is already a downline in place for them. Of course, that downline are also people who have been given a ‘free’ position… but if they want that position, they have to then pay $600 to retain that position. He’s not got product set up yet. My daughter in law has worked for this guy putting together his web stuff for multiple sites for multiple products. He claims to have lots of money in realestate… but not enough money to pay her regularly. He pays her when she asks… and only like $500 at a time. He’s agreed, not in writing, to pay her $40 an hour…
which is already low for a web designer/programmer… but she’s relatively new at it and felt like he’d keep her busy enough that she wouldn’t have to be searching for other clients… and that this agreed upon rate was acceptable… of course he said yes, but he’s not paid it. She gets mad when I bring it up that he needs to pay her. So… now she says he wants my son to be his product distributor. Wants him to quit his job of 6 years… and he’ll pay him not enough… to bag tea and mail it to people from home…
including people overseas. Raw tea leaves. He told him to find an insurance policy he likes and he’ll buy it for him so he doesn’t have to worry about having his family go without health insurance… He’s offered to buy a big house, I’m sure to sell out of… I found out from a niece that they have been actively looking for places with him…makes me sick to my stomach..and he’ll buy their condo and let them live in the big house for the same rent that they’re paying for their condo… He’s not asked them to join this MLM… at least she says he hasn’t. So, here’s my fear… that this guy is a major scammer. I can’t find much of anything on him online. Some real estate transations… he’s also involved in Prepaid Legal… and I have found some documentation that has him listed as an attorney in some case. Sooo… I guess my questions is… I know my son is set up to lose EVERYTHING. They are young.. 23 and 24… have a baby…
I’m thinking he’s going to scam them out of their home. I’m trying to find out if you can legally package raw tea in ziploc baggies and mail it… are my sons hands going to be filthy dirty in crime?
They’re very naive… and a little upset that I’d question her bosses integrity. I’m telling you, he’s slimy. Loud… hawiian shirt…
talking a mile a minute… when you listen to what he says, it’s nothing… talking in circles. My dil says most of those who have signed up sofar are older people. I’m just sick over this. Oh… he says he could make my son an employee, but it makes more sense for him to be an independent contractor… for tax purposes… it would be better for my son… and they’d just filter his income through her website development company. And also, the business is one that is filed in Nevada… supposedly for tax purposes. We do not live in Nevada. Everything she’s told me, he’s convinced her is legal. I know it’s not. No way. So, sorry to ramble. I’ve been searching the internet for two days looking for anything on this guy…good or bad. And I’m stuck. Daughter in law says she doesn’t have time to research the legality of it all, and that if I want to do it, do it.
So, I am. What government agencies can I contact to find out if he’s in their crosshairs already? Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks a ton in advance.

Is VemmaBuilder just another MLM/networking marketing scam?

I did a bit of checking and found some complaints, but wanted some first hand accounts from the MLM forum. I will never deal with a MLM again, but I wanted to respond intelligently to the new horde of emails I am getting from people affiliated with VemmaBuilder rather than just telling them to take a long walk on a short pier.

Gotta love the name though

I think the next time I’m out and about and want to maintain some anonymity, I’ll use that name Festus Ezeli-Ndulue. I was named after my great aunt Festus, on my mother’s side. Large, portly woman who really enjoyed the holidays. And hey, it’s the 21st century, so I kept my maiden name Ezeli when I married Mr. Ndulue. The Barrister title might take some work though. Not only would I have to convince folks I’m an attorney from the US, but I’d have to adopt the accent too. That probably would require exchanging my work attire for something less ………. muddy.

In fire

She said she has 3 months in liquid savings

I’d say that a CD and a Roth are fine for the rest. Usually 3 months is more than enough for an emergency. The other 3 months would probably only be used in a job loss situation.

Would you all count Roth IRA in your EF

total since it is after-tax dollars and can be taken out without penalty. For example, if I have 1 month EF in a CD, 3 months EF in regular savings, and another 2 months EF in a Roth. Would you count that, or do you feel that all EF money should be in just plain savings? Thanks for your feedback.

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I know it’s been awhile

My temp holiday job from last year turned into a perm job and I just moved into full time status last month (benifits started this month), so I haven’t had much time to be online. In addition, art sales have been flat and I am only about $150 in the black this year. I had to do some major repairs to my in-home studio space, such as sealing asbestos tile flooring and resurfacing the stairs leading down into my basement studio.
myUpdate on where we are on the Dave Plan. We are finally at baby step #6. Making an additional $200 a month payment to the principal of our mortgage and cash advances online from SinaCash.Com. That brings our payoff time down to 15 years ( we had 20 years left on a conventional 30 year fixed rate mortgage). I want to get at it a bit more intensly but we have some major expenses coming up in the not so distant future at we are saving for.
1.Our son is getting married. He and his fiance are attending college 1000 miles away and are getting married down there. So we have to travel for the wedding, pay for a rehersal dinner etc…
2.While we have 4 months of living expenses saved in our FFefund, we don’t have a car replacement fund or a major home repair fund. So I feel that we have to focus on building those sinking funds up so that we won’t have to touch our Efund for those thing.
3.We needed a break for the gazelle intensity level we were going at. Hopfully this time next year we are in a position to increase our additional payments to principal.

I did too

So when we replaced our roof a couple of years ago with a 20 year roof I figured out what we’d have to save to have enough in 20 years to replace it. Granted, living on the gulf coast with hurricanes, we’ll have to replace it sooner. Hopefully insurance will cover part of it and we can use whatever we’ve saved to go towards the deductible. So for now I am putting back $50/month. I know costs will go up in the next 20 years but I figure we’ll be pretty close.

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FFEF covers big ticket items

like 10 months of unemployment (us) a new(er) vehicle if the one you have becomes un-roadworthy (also us, but job ended before we could get one) bunch of stuff going wrong all at once security in case you want to take the leap to a different kind of work, or maybe take that dream job in another part of the country Some people might have that FFEF itemized down to sinking funds. Nothing wrong with that either.

The size of your emergency fund should depend on what sorts of risks you have

If you can live on one income and at least one of you has very low-risk employment and you have excellent good insurance, especially short- and long-term disability you don’t need as big an emergency fund as someone who is self-employed and self-pays medical care and has a lot of things waiting to break.

It’s no fun thinking about worst case scenarios, but they happen. A relatively common one is that one person is ill or injured, which brings the triple whammy of lost income, big medical bills, and higher living expenses as the partners’ time gets tied up with caretaking (and away from economizing, cooking, yardwork, and other savings)

Me, I’m a single mom with good insurance and a job in a somewhat volatile part of the high-tech industry, an aging house, and a somewhat special needs child. While I’ve survived four layoffs in four years, I take nothing for granted. I want to have enough to cover COBRA and job hunting and not have to panic. I’ve got six months in the FFEF and when I borrowed from it to fix the bathroom I felt really uncomfortable until I put every penny back.

Besides, that money isn’t going anywhere. I can always choose later to put some of it towards my kid’s college or into my retirement account. But right now, the lost interest is the price I’m paying for greatly increased security.

A few years back we had a rough six months

We needed to do some major repairs/replacments that couldn’t wait. The boiler went out (average temps at the time was a high in the mid 20’s) with nighttime temps in the single digits). My new boiler was $3500 (with my brother, who is a licenced plumber, doing all the labor for free). The transmission on my car started to go out ($1200 to rebuild), the hot water heater started leaking $700 to replace (no cost for labor) and we had to replace the electric meater and upgrade our fuse box to circuit breaker (to meet city code). ($1350). I couldn’t have done all that with just a $1000 efund. I did pay cash for everything, didn’t have to wait on anything and while I had wiped out much of my ffefund, I didn’t empty it.
I for one, want to pay cash for my next car, just like I did for the one I’m driving right now. I also want to be able to replace my roof with cash when the time comes (estimated cost is $5,000). (964 sq ft house). I also want to be able to stretch things should one of us become unemployed.

Some people have a sense of security with a large emergency fund

I tend to agree with you. My emergency fund would be much smaller than 3-6 months of expenses.
Of course, we still are saving up for a downpayment on a house too, so having savings for future house emergencies will be necessary then. My emergency fund will probably need to be bigger then. But for now, it’s all about the house!

I don’t understand why you put “more” money in

savings when you’re debt free than you did when you’re broke?! For instance, since we bought our car (only non-house debt), we have used our emergency fund exactly ONCE when we found a deal on a fridge when ours was slowly dying. We could have waited to save up if we had to. But once we get that car paid off, we can live on either one of our incomes (we can live on his now and my income is debt and spending money) and we don’t need a big emergency fund then! I plan on skipping over BS 3 and using my little moneys for sinking funds instead of sleeping on them.
Just my $.02 and I can’t stand Yahoo’s new format, I don’t know how to reply to a thread

Well as you know we were extremely cold here in OK most of last week

so we had to depend on the fireplace for our main heat source. Which is okay normally because we generally use wood heat, until it gets icy. Then we generally use the furnace because I’m here alone all day and if I were to fall while getting firewood in the morning I wouldn’t have any help until after o’dark many days.

As you also know the furnace gave up the ghost on us in the middle of all the super cold and not to be out done the spare refrigerator died. Those were our Murphy moments of the last homework report.

Well I am happy to say it looks like Murphy is morphing into Millie. During the super cold we had many brown outs and then when ds came home Friday from Calumet and turned on a space heater to take the cold off his room the breaker blew big time. He reset the breaker and re-arranged where the space heater was plugged in and all was well, in fact it was really a blessing he blew the breaker.

Saturday we went grocery and Christmas shopping then on Sunday the two men tore apart the heat pump compressor to see if they can fix it. It won’t be pretty, but it looks like the patient will survive, possibly with a limp in its getty up, but it should make it through this next ice storm coming in Friday at least. The piece of housing that tore lose is now being replaced with a piece of a burn barrel lid. LOL! Like I said, not pretty but if it works….We’ll know more later this week when they finish the project.

The blessing from ds blowing the breaker was the refrigerator—it’s WORKING! The only thing dh has been able to figure out so far is the brown outs and extreme cold during the week some how caused something to freeze up and the throwing and resetting of the breaker hit a reset button somewhere in the unit. He’s checked for faulty wiring and such and found nothing wrong. So we aren’t going to have to buy a new fridge in January after all! YEA! (nuts).

On the Christmas shopping front I went with the Duggar motto (19 Kids and Counting for those of you who don’ know) “Buy used and save the rest” For two of dh’s “big” gifts. One gift would have ran me $75-$100 but the local merchant I was working with had a used of the item for $10. He said if dh was unhappy with it I could bring it back. This same merchant is going to do a repair on a high dollar item my dh uses frequently and is much need of repair for safety reasons—but he had been refusing to take it to get repaired because every other place wanted three times as much as the merchant I know and trust. So the repair of his well used, antique item will be under $50. Therefore he’s getting about $250 worth of gifts—our limit this year for under $75.

I also did price matching at various stores for ds gifts and cut the cost way down on his gifts as well. I know for a fact both men not only ventured into doing price matching themselves dh actually used a coupon on my gift to save 20%! Of course when he said he needed to go to Bed Bath and Beyond I handed him three different coupons and suggested he use at least one depending on what he purchased. He did and gave the other two to ds so he could use them if he wanted to—he said he was going to use one of them to purchase my birthday gift next payday—the coupon would still be good then. We are all staying under budget on the Christmas CASH we had put back.

I had enough saved of that cash I also purchased the little we need for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners. One small item to order online now for a stocking and I’m done! I’ll spend part of the day today wrapping the gifts. That will be something new compared to the last few years. Generally I’m wrapping on Christmas Eve.

Oh also on the agenda for today is to make new catnip socks for the cats. Literally catnip socks. I use old mismatched socks, fill the toe with catnip and then knot the remainder of the sock several times. The cats adore them and one canister of catnip will do many, many socks—I’m still using the canister I purchased last year.

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My thing was a Smart and Final offer

don’t know if you all have those where you are. They are kind of a restaurant or business supply type store but also have smaller quantities for everyone. Their first offer is over but now they have one for buying $125.00 of gift cards for certain stores, Lowe’s being one of them, the other stores either aren’t here or are fancier ones I don’t shop at. If you buy $125 worth of these gift cards you receive $20 off your next purchase at Smart and Final but it has to be used by 12/24/13. Their dairy, egg, butter etc prices are lower all the time and you don’t have to buy a certain amount to use the $20. You can buy the $20 only and use the full amount against it. They had Foster Farms whole chickens at .79 cents a lb this week. They run this type of offer pretty often. Every couple of months they have Proctor and Gamble products and if you buy so many of their items you wind up with $10 or $15 off next purchase. They do accept manufacturer’s coupons too, just read that Dollar Tree is starting to accept coupons as well.

Two tickets to Paradise

Well, apparently there were two winners in the MegaMillions jackpot. One in California, one in Atlanta, Ga. Sharon, did you get the one in Atlanta? 🙂

Well it was good news and a slight bit of bad news at the ss office

First the bad, despite signing up in Dec we won’t get our first checks until the third Wednesday of Feb. And if I had thought I’d of known they pay a month behind your actual “earned” month. I mean it’s not like this is my first dealing with SS. I simply forgot. So that will slow the debt snowball down a bit, but the second bit of news will make it catch up after a few months.
The checks are at the minimum going to total $300-$400 more a month than I calculated at first and then possibly go up from there due to the several variables I mentioned last post on this. Since dh’s will probably go up, mine (which is a percentage of his) will go up too.
So two months from today the direct deposits should start hitting our account each month. Then our debt payoff and immediately needed repairs should really get rolling.