Payday advance for emergency measures


Sometimes it can seem like your next payday is so far away. This can be worse if, like the majority, your wage packed is deposited into your bank account on a monthly basis. Things can be going really well and then suddenly, for example, your washer machine breaks down. Something as trivial as this can lead to you needing to spend 1000 dollars on a replacement washing machine and if this happens on week one after you have just been paid, it can be an unmitigated nightmare.

With a payday advance, or, bad credit loan, you get access to a quick, guaranteed and unsecured loan in a very short period of time, and often this is enough to tie you over until your next payday. So, if your washing machine does breakdown, and you do not have the time to spend the rest of the month at the laudrette (and spending a fortune) applying for a small cash loan would be enought to enable you to replace the washing machine!

The loan period is only short term and therefore you are not saddled with debt for many months. When you get your salary paid into the chosen bank account, this can then be used to pay of the initial borrowings. The USA Loans sector is currently experiencing an impact as a consequence of the worlds ‘credit crunch’, but there are still avenues of lending that people can appoach and indeed apply for in order to access cash quickly and even if you receive your salarly paid into your account on a weekly basis, you can still get your hands on money quickly through a payday advance.

Hello again


Any info would be welcome, we intend to include a testimonials page when we’ve gathered enough stories (and believe me there’s quite a few coming in). As our site covers TTN in general and we’re thinking about expanding into other scams as well (Ponci schemes, Nigerian schemes etc), we feel that ALLway -the mother of all scams- deserves (5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Payday Loan Scams) its own special page. We haven’t received any local insider info yet so we can’t publish anything apart from the general reasons why the scheme doesn’t work…

Oh, and we were never involved in any scheme, we were prospected repeatedly from friends, old schoolmates, even ex-mates and we had a quite good look on the whole affair as it sucked them in. We read their books, heard their tapes, saw the videos, smelled the mouth spray. Then we searched on the Internet and saw the whole picture. When we showed them our finds, they responded exactly as we read they would.
Now, that was suspicious – it gave credit or legitimate payday loans online no credit check to all the info we’d been reading. We played along and let them make another presentation, we went to meetings, we met their uplines. We couldn’t risk any involvement (we’d rather spend all our lives sitting on the motorway and watch the cars go by than hop on the TTN train) so we stopped there and dodged their repetitive calls for joining.
Most of them are out now, it took them 6-8 months to see it was pointless, however they blame themselves and not the pyramid -and that’s what we’re out to change (hopefully).

We haven’t received any hate mail (yet) although there’s a debate in many forums that got sparked up by our announcement of the site. Of course we’re not so naive as to think we’ll stop the thing but we feel it’s good to have a site in ENG language that opposes the whole (Must NOT! Lose Money) idea and makes some people give it a second thought. When we were prospected we found much info on a subject we knew nothing and that helped us shape an opinion and spot the trap. Likewise, we’re offering the same chance to many would-be victims. Do your homework before you sign up…

Anyone that has any local info we could integrate can mail us at apatesgr@… and nothing will be posted prior to your consent. As the legions of brainwashed distributors can be a pain in the ***, we feel we must respect any claims on anonymity.


The reason why they continue to sink their money into these MLM’s is


because they believe that all these other people have done, so why not them.

…The problem ……….these people that they’re following DIDN’T make it big. They just talk like they have, and since it “LOOKS” like they do, why not follow. ….See, these people that act like there making it big ….they will say anything, and do whatever it takes to get other people to believe they are making it big, even when it’s a lie. AND 99% OF THE TIME IT IS.

…These followers don’t see that, and refuse to ever think that there is any possibility of their “mentors” being broke, which most of the time they are. …Heather Hromoho is broke, but she’ll never admit that. …Ask her why she had to forge applications with Julie Carter’s credit card. I’ve still got those applications.

…Simply put, it’s a cult.
Plain, simple, period.

Talk to ya soon, fellow ex-trekkie!

Take care!


A useful point to consider:


Television is filled with infomercials selling “Get Rich” systems-Carlton Sheets and real estate, people selling internet business kits, people selling systems teaching you how to get rich selling stuff with classified ads and the like.
MLM functions and business conventions are full of people selling motivational books and tapes.

These people are getting their money selling you their system. If these systems really worked, do you think they would go around teaching people how to compete with them?? No way!! No, they have found a much bigger market and a much bigger residual income recording a commercial, or getting paid to speak at a function, or selling their books through Dexter Yager.

I am
suggesting that these people are selling their ideas to the gullible through television or Amway functions precisely because their systems DON’T work. If I had the kind of money they claim to have, I’d find some really nice place to live and read, write a little, maybe write some music, live a healthy lifestyle, and I sure wouldn’t be hawking books and tapes at an Amway function or ripping people off with some bogus get-rich system.

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Thanks Shay for the reply


Our five kids are ages 10-17. We have an HOA pool, free to use (although we do have to pay HOA dues). But that gets a little old after a while.
I’d love to get a bundle discount, but with no competition, I am not able to be a “first time” customer to get it. I’ve looked at “bundling”. Maybe I should look at it again. The last time I looked though, my bills would have gone up!
You’re walking idea is great, only there is no where to go. Our subdivision is to far from anything other than a friends house. And even at that, the roads provide no safe place for them to walk.
My oldest just scored her first job, so that will help her. We need a car, and so she is going to buy one. I already told her that it would be our “third” car, but it is hers, and we would make it fair if she did something for the family.

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Have you read Mr. Money Mustache?


His blog is amazing. He has the cheapest cell phones and no cable. But I’m not sure I can get rid of cable and all its accoutrements either. My DH and I like cable too! I’d say get rid of blockbuster and do Redbox or Amazon as needed. We spend less than $3 a week for movies on Friday night with those options plus Netflix.
Our cable and internet are bundled for $107/month. And I thought that was high!
Definitely love Netflix! Watch lots of shows and movies with that!
You didn’t say how old your kids are. Must be teenagers with cell phones. Our free options for our kids includes walking all over the place: grocery store, coffee, dog park, friend’s houses. This takes time and energy, so less time to “be bored”. Swimming can be cheap or free. We stay home a lot and let them sleep in and then get dressed and do chores around 11am. After that lunch and an activity or not. Sometimes they do worksheets based on their age, do chores, and read. It’s not always a “fun” day during the summer and there is a bit of complaining, but oh well. They will live!
My oldest wants to go to an amusement park. Cost for the ticket = $40. She had to find work to save up for it. She’s gotten quite a few babysitting jobs and cat sitting. Now she has money for the movies and stuff like that. It doesn’t come out of my pocket.
My younger ones have pay jobs, like wash car, organize a closet, or vacuum the whole couch. Things I don’t like to do!

Looking for cheap at home entertainment


I know, I grew up before the internet, mobile phones, computers, the digital age in general. So I know that all this stuff is not “needed”. I can do without most of it myself. But what I need is some ideas on how to live in the digital age cheaper than I am, and keep 5 kids from being bored out of their skulls! I know a lot of you want to lambast me here, but I am looking for some constructive ideas on how to cut my entertainment budget.

First, let me say this, we routinely go out and look for free entertainment. We live in the Fort Worth, TX area, and there are several options. But that gets us out of the house, and we need to eat, it takes gas, all of that. So I am looking for stay at home ideas.

Second, I am not in a desperate situation. So I am looking to get by cheaper. My goal is to cut at least $100 from these categories, while sacrificing little.

That said, here is what I am looking to replace or reduce in costs.

Internet: %59.84 per month

at&t Uverse has a monopoly on my neighborhood. I did go with their highest speed since we do a lot of video streaming, and I do mean a lot! I have no other “hard-wire” options. Trust me, I checked. I could go to a slower package, but considering streaming, I don’t know how well that would work. Are there good satellite options that are cheaper that do good streaming?

Mobile (sprint) phone bill: $195.30 for four lines.

Now I know I can go a lot cheaper here. I do get a 20% discount through my employer. I am tied into a contract on three of them yet. These are data phones. Prepaid has dropped in price quite a bit over the last several months.

Dish Satellite: $107.37

A lot of room here too I know. We have the top 250, and a sports package that I am planning to drop for sure. Will Hulu and other online options replace what I drop for packages?

Neflix: $8.65 per month

We use this a lot! I think it is pretty cheap for how much it is used

Blockbuster: $21.65 per month

I’m thinking this is no longer needed. We don’t use it as much as I think we should for the cost. But it prevents those daily charges when we want to rent a DVD. I know redbox is around and such, but returning the DVD is such a hassle, and if you don’t you pay for more days. My past experience is why I have kept this. Can I do it all with blockbuster online instead to avoid going to the store?

I haven’t any experience with any ELPs


But we have lucked into having a very Christian minded man as our investment guy and have been quite happy with him.He’s not an ELP, but, ironically, he is very familar with Dave Ramsey’s teachings. I will say, I was speaking with him the other day and I told him we would be investing money in the future in index funds with Vanguard. He hadn’t anything to say about this. I do know Dave suggests Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, and Int’l Funds for all of us in our portfolios. Okay. We’ve got those and we’re doing well. I have, however, heard Dave say from time to time that he has Index Funds as well. I’m reading a fantastic investment primer book, The Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam, and the more I learn, the more I realize, I should have been putting our money into Index Funds. It’s almost like “duh, what’s wrong with you?” I highly suggest this as a great book as a financial literacy tool, but I also think it’s a better financial strategy than what Dave is recommending for us. Just read the book. I’m sure your library will have it. As for my financial guy? Well, he won’t glean a penny if I go with Index Funds. I like this man a lot, but he too has to earn a living. Nothing wrong with that, but, bottom line, the only person who knows what’s best for him/her and for their family is the people who are most intimately involved and who are spending their own money. Please. Read the book. It’s very educational and very readable, even if it does push Index Funds and not all the managed funds that Dave recommends.

To be perfectly honest


we have dealt with (or tried to deal with) ELPs in three different states, and never had a good experience.

When we lived in Pittsburgh, we contacted an ELP regarding 401(k)s we had in several states, and the fact that we needed new life insurance. We met with him, then never heard from him again.

Also while living in Pittsburgh, we had to sell our house in Michigan. We contact the ELP in Jackson, along with a couple other realtors. The other ones responded immediately. The ELP did not get back to us for several days. As it turns out, he was in the hospital, but the fact that he didn’t have someone else to cover for him did not impress us. Especially since we were selling from out of state.

Our third attempt was here in Ohio when we were ready to buy a house. We wanted a real estate agent that really knew our area — small town (population 21,000) that is about an hour north of Dayton. The ELP we were recommended is from SOUTH of Dayton, about 70 miles away from us! That was WAY too far away for our comfort.

When it was time for look for a financial consultant, we did NOT check out the ELP. My guess is he would have also been from Dayton and we just weren’t interested in dealing with consultants that far away.

As always, your mileage may vary..

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As many of you may remember, a few months ago I contacted a DR financial advisor


I was less than impressed with the services so I didn’t have any further contact with them.

All except emails from him (the guy I talked to). I replied to an email and asked him to please take me off his email list. He replied that he would.

Yeah, right. Apparently he added to me several different lists so I am getting all this spam email that stems from this guy. I hae checked all the places that say unsubscribe, but they keep coming.

So I called this guy on Monday to ask him about it and that’s when he told me it’s their practice to add people they service to these lists “to better serve them”. I expressed my dislike and explained I am not even a client. The worst part was he didn’t even care. I suggested that they disclose this information to people when they call so they can say whether or not they want these services.

I’m lucky, this is my second time around


My children are 22 and 24 from my first marriage. My husband died. I learned a lot of things. I did remarry and now I have a 7 and a 5 year old. I haven’t spent a single dollar they have been gifted. Not a penny. Not from bdays, Baptisms, random holidays or whatever. Mind you, we’re not scrooges. We still gave the children gifts from whomever it was who gifted them the cash, only we purchased those gifts out of our pockets and still pocketed the checks. My son now has close to $6k in his ING acct, and our daughter has close to $4k in hers. We’ve noted the imbalance, so now we auto draft $5 weekly into our son’s ING acct and $10 weekly into our daughter’s ING acct. We think, given the money the are gifted and what we add weekly, they should be able to purchase decent vehicles from this fund by the time they are of driving age. I wouldn’t have thought of doing this the first time around, but now I’m older and wiser.

I have three kids, ages 13, 10, and 8


They each have a long-term account at ING (Capital One) that they use to save for a car. They have between $200-$400 in their accounts. I’m thinking maybe I should move the money to a money market or some other investment vehicle that would give them a better return on their money. Since the savings account is only giving them $.12 to $.24 a month.

Obviously the 13 year old has less than 3 years to invest before she will take it out, but the other two have 6 plus years.

Any thoughts?

Wow, that’s changed a lot since I was a Navy wife


Thanks for the warning; apparently that particular idea is something to put on the “never mind” list. I suppose in a way it is a privilege and subject to be revoked. Totally different attitude though. I suppose that’s what 25 years of society change will do. Back when I was a Navy wife, we could bring guests for shopping as long as it wasn’t the entire neighborhood, and buying something for someone else was also commonplace as long as it wasn’t hundreds of dollars a visit worth of stuff. We knew it was frowned upon as a habitual, large scale thing, but yea it sounds like they’ve really tightened down the rules a lot.
It did occur to me though, that there are other grocery stores which generally sell in bulk and/or at lower overall cost. Some of them are restaurant supply places which serve both wholesale and retail clients. Some are regional super-centers (more common in the Intermountain west) which cater to folks who only get into town once every few months. Some are outlet places which don’t have any frills (for instance, you bag your own groceries). But those would also be potential ways to save money, without riling up the neighborhood military base.
I did hear back from several folks from my various lists. I’ll forward those along off-list over the next day or so after I’ve gotten most of the comments I’m likely to get.

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I don’t want to be the difficult one, but I do want to put out this warning


If you do ask a military family to purchase stuff for you for either cash or barter, and they get caught somehow, then they will lose their privilege to continue to shop at the commissary. DECA, the commissary people, are really cracking down. They are now considering this a new form of shoplifting. Which seems really silly since you are paying and not stealing, but the consequence is the same. Also when anyone in the family gets in any trouble on the base/ post their sponsor, military member, chain of command is informed. And they generally get in some kind of trouble. They could get a warning report in their file or they could get extra duty or required counseling or whatever. Depending on the chain of command & the offense and the number of prior offenses.
I have seen a kid shop something low in value and that kid is never allowed in another military px/ bx/ nex ever, so if he grow up and joins the service he still can never shop there and he was only 12 when he did this. That is really strict.
Another adult wife, very young though, was shopping with her mom and they saw the mom give the lady money & make a purchase. Her husband was called and informed she is no longer allowed to shop there. Now the mom was visiting and trying to be nice to a young, newly married couple. And the lady lost her privileges to shop at the commissary for life. She said she thought when she moved she would be able to shop at the new one, but apparently she was placed on their naughty list as well.
The military world is not like the civilian world and right now with the down sizing they are looking for reasons to have people get out. A lot of policies are being altered, for example they have a policy that there is a certain number of years you can be in a rank before you have to either get promoted or get out. Some of these are being lowered so people are having to get out. A friend of ours just found out that his number went from 5 more to only 2 more, if he doesn’t make the next 2 promotions then he has to get out.


I’ve sent off inquiries to three different lists


I’ll let you know off-list if/when I hear back. I think I’ve already gotten one response but I haven’t read it yet.

In the meantime, here are some other options for you, and/or anyone else looking for inexpensive meats and/or straight from the producer:

1)craigslist is a common place for both small-scale commercial and hobbyist producers to sell farm product, including meats. Just a quickie look through the Orange County listings, there was one company with multiple listings who didn’t provide a location, but had pretty good prices. Another posted their location as Fullerton , but I don’t know how far away that is. Several others posted there and again I don’t know how far away they were. Might take some filtering for your location, and/or wading through listings that don’t interest you, but that’s a good way to hook up with small-time livestock owners who just want to sell small quantities. Often at WAY below going rate.

2)You’ve got one of the largest Navy bases in the country, in your proverbial back yard. When I was a Navy wife way back when, and yea it was a number of years ago, the PX had some of the best grocery prices around. That may or may not be the case anymore. But if you can hook up with a Navy family and have them buy some meats for you whenever they’re there, perhaps you can do them a return favor of some kind. Navy didn’t really smile upon that practice back when I was shopping there, but I know it happened all the time anyway.

3)If you do find producers that you like, but whom are too far away, call them and ask them if they would consider a new delivery to your location, particularly if you could guarantee them a minimum order size. For instance, I have a set distance that I’ll go for small orders, but if several families get together and pool their orders, I’ll happily drive a lot further. Most of my producer friends have similar arrangements. Or, producer and buyer can pick some point mid-way between them, so that neither one has to drive the entire distance. But most producers are very eager to get more customers – if you could band together with your neighbors, your front porch could become a drop point.

4)And that leads me to one of the most exciting options around – either forming, or joining, a bulk-buy group in your area. They’re sprouting up all over metro areas around the country. They work via forums and other similar services. Simply a group of people, often scattered around (sometimes a wide area), who all want to band together to buy in bulk from regional sources. The groups I’m a member of, will have coordinators who organize the bulk buy, and then serve either as the dropoff point or sometimes will go get the product. Then everyone will rendezvous at the coordinator’s location to pick up their particular goodies. It’s a powerful idea and it’s proving to be a win/win for both consumers and producers. I’ve sold a lot of pork that way, to folks whom I never would have found otherwise (and they probably would never have found me). There’s the implied understanding for most of these groups that everyone wants to save some money, so most coordinators negotiate slightly lower prices with the producer, since the producer is essentially getting a bunch of new customers all at once. The Seattle/Tacoma area has a good half-dozen such groups, and we’re a fraction of the size of your metro area. I’m POSITIVE that there are similar groups in the SoCal area, and they may very well offer some of the best deals in the region for direct-from-producer products, at really good prices. But you’ll have to go find them.

Just keep in mind that a lot of producers are anxious for new customers, and they’ll work their fannies off to meet you half-way or otherwise make it possible to do business with you. Just a little elbow grease and sometimes a dab of creative thinking is all that is needed to bring buyer and seller together, in some kind of win/win arrangement. Keep us posted on whatever you come up with!

On the right side just put in your zip code


I kept it at all that way I can see everything. I did find a grass fed beef that would deliver here but it is about $10 a pound which is way out there for us. If I watch sales I can do better then that but really only in ground beef so no steaks for us lol.

It can be trucked in but have yet looked for any at a price that would fit our budget


If we could get it for $4 a lb we would take 1/2 cow. But have not found grass fed beef delivered to us at that price. If you know of any please give a name. As for the other stuff. I am in a city that the city council just voted this week to not lift the ban on farm animals. We fought for it but lost. So no there are no pigs or goats in a 1/2 mile from me. There is one small city urban farm that does have chickens and they sell 1/2 dz eggs for $3. As a family of 6 that is not do able.
Your search on our Beef department, within 250.0 miles of 90806, came back empty.

Looking for beef at on There is no way I could drive more then 250 miles to pick up.

Please since you say you know some that deliver to Southern CA at a price that is affordable please let us know there name. There are a few of us on here that would jump at a price of $3 to $5 delivered or within a driving range that $4+ gas would not make it to expensive.

In budget

I will also point out that


The concern about the meat needing to be “trucked in” is really a moot point – the grocery stores have to truck it in too. Any producer who wants to serve any metro area is faced with that business reality – we truck meats into the SeaTac metro area as a normal part of our business. I don’t know of any meats producer who doesn’t.

The point is, there are farmers and ranchers who live, work and deliver product in/around SoCal. I know this because a number of them are on my various farming lists, and they’ve mentioned in passing in the past which areas of SoCal they serve. Most of them have multiple drop-off points throughout the region where they meet up with their customers. And that’s just the folks who happen to be on the lists I also happen to be on. Also keep in mind that so-called urban hometeading is alive and well, with a LOT of folks raising meats right within city limits (usually not cows, but sometimes). You might have a rabbit or poultry or goat/sheep or hog producer within 1/2 mile of you and never know unless you start looking for them. Think you’re too urban and your neighborhood too crowded for livestock? Four rabbits in a basement or a backyard can keep a family in meat all year round. Eight rabbits produce enough to sell, and take up as much room as a sheet of plywood. So yea, you can have meats production right on your own city block and never know unless you ask.

Aside from getting lucky with word of mouth, that website is one of the best ways to find them. Or, you could go to any ethnic grocery store near you, and ask them where they get their meats from. A lot of times, it’s someone regional who could sell to you directly and you’d thus avoid the grocery store’s markup. Sometimes that markup is 50%. I know for our customers, if they bought our meat from the grocery store rather than from us, they’d pay roughly double at the grocery store what they pay us, thanks to that markup. So it can definitely be worth your while to make the effort to hunt down nearby producers.

You asked for ways to cut costs; if you spend a lot of money on meat, this is how you can cut that cost. Whether you decide to pursue this option is entirely up to you.

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Oh, you’re stuck for sure, Mason :)


My mother-in-law lived on Coronado so I know how expensive your food prices are. I’m super lucky. I’ve lived all over the US and never have I lived in a place where farming has been a major industry as it currently is in my community. I live in northern MI. It’s a huge movement here to grow food and animals organically/naturally, but, we have a wonderful state in which to do this economically, so to speak. There are so many people getting into the business of small farming and ranching, that I would think it’s worth your while to check out as Kathryn suggested. I will testify to the fact that this is where I found our farmer almost 8 years ago. We were one of his first clients and now he’s quite popular and is doing well, and we are very pleased with the meats he continues to offer to us. If you don’t find something on, call around to a couple of your local butcher shops or meat processor/slaughter houses and see what they can suggest to you. These people would be key to learning where the best deal would be in your community.

May I ask what state you live in


I have looked a few years back and after everything it would be $10 a pound or greater I doubt with the price of gas and all the price would have gone down. I am in Southern Cali at the coast line and there are no cows anywhere close so what would be bought would have to be trucked in.

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I’m sorry to be so presumptuous as to rework your post


I found it almost impossible to read, with no separations between anything – even paragraphs or sentences.

I’m sure you feel deserving of an answer to your inquiry, and I agree that you should be able to get some sort of answer, if one is available. I hope you’ll see my reworking effort (just a few minutes) as a contribution rather than some sort of criticism.

I’ll make a comment about your inquiry at the end.

My daughter in law is setting up a website for a ‘wonderful’ guy


He claims to have been the youngest diamond in Amway back in the 70’s… and had some program called Olde Worlde… has been ‘ripped off’ by business partners…lots of sob stories as well as success stories, most of them ending in someone else messing up and ending the program. I could go on and on about him and what he’s said. I met him a couple weeks ago and all I got from him was ‘slimeball’.
He’s looking for diet pills and herbal teas to sell…but his focus is on setting up this MLM program…the matrix… 2×22 or something.
Doesn’t mean anything to me. Going to give out 1000 ‘free’ positions so that people can go online and see that there is already a downline in place for them. Of course, that downline are also people who have been given a ‘free’ position… but if they want that position, they have to then pay $600 to retain that position. He’s not got product set up yet. My daughter in law has worked for this guy putting together his web stuff for multiple sites for multiple products. He claims to have lots of money in realestate… but not enough money to pay her regularly. He pays her when she asks… and only like $500 at a time. He’s agreed, not in writing, to pay her $40 an hour…
which is already low for a web designer/programmer… but she’s relatively new at it and felt like he’d keep her busy enough that she wouldn’t have to be searching for other clients… and that this agreed upon rate was acceptable… of course he said yes, but he’s not paid it. She gets mad when I bring it up that he needs to pay her. So… now she says he wants my son to be his product distributor. Wants him to quit his job of 6 years… and he’ll pay him not enough… to bag tea and mail it to people from home…
including people overseas. Raw tea leaves. He told him to find an insurance policy he likes and he’ll buy it for him so he doesn’t have to worry about having his family go without health insurance… He’s offered to buy a big house, I’m sure to sell out of… I found out from a niece that they have been actively looking for places with him…makes me sick to my stomach..and he’ll buy their condo and let them live in the big house for the same rent that they’re paying for their condo… He’s not asked them to join this MLM… at least she says he hasn’t. So, here’s my fear… that this guy is a major scammer. I can’t find much of anything on him online. Some real estate transations… he’s also involved in Prepaid Legal… and I have found some documentation that has him listed as an attorney in some case. Sooo… I guess my questions is… I know my son is set up to lose EVERYTHING. They are young.. 23 and 24… have a baby…
I’m thinking he’s going to scam them out of their home. I’m trying to find out if you can legally package raw tea in ziploc baggies and mail it… are my sons hands going to be filthy dirty in crime?
They’re very naive… and a little upset that I’d question her bosses integrity. I’m telling you, he’s slimy. Loud… hawiian shirt…
talking a mile a minute… when you listen to what he says, it’s nothing… talking in circles. My dil says most of those who have signed up sofar are older people. I’m just sick over this. Oh… he says he could make my son an employee, but it makes more sense for him to be an independent contractor… for tax purposes… it would be better for my son… and they’d just filter his income through her website development company. And also, the business is one that is filed in Nevada… supposedly for tax purposes. We do not live in Nevada. Everything she’s told me, he’s convinced her is legal. I know it’s not. No way. So, sorry to ramble. I’ve been searching the internet for two days looking for anything on this guy…good or bad. And I’m stuck. Daughter in law says she doesn’t have time to research the legality of it all, and that if I want to do it, do it.
So, I am. What government agencies can I contact to find out if he’s in their crosshairs already? Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks a ton in advance.

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Is VemmaBuilder just another MLM/networking marketing scam?


I did a bit of checking and found some complaints, but wanted some first hand accounts from the MLM forum. I will never deal with a MLM again, but I wanted to respond intelligently to the new horde of emails I am getting from people affiliated with VemmaBuilder rather than just telling them to take a long walk on a short pier.

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Very interesting to hear all your experiences


I guess since they are ME recommended I expected better. It’s sad to know I am not the only one with bad taste in my mouth because of them. Maybe I will see if I can find an advisor that is Christian. I might have better luck.

Gotta love the name though


I think the next time I’m out and about and want to maintain some anonymity, I’ll use that name Festus Ezeli-Ndulue. I was named after my great aunt Festus, on my mother’s side. Large, portly woman who really enjoyed the holidays. And hey, it’s the 21st century, so I kept my maiden name Ezeli when I married Mr. Ndulue. The Barrister title might take some work though. Not only would I have to convince folks I’m an attorney from the US, but I’d have to adopt the accent too. That probably would require exchanging my work attire for something less ………. muddy.

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She said she has 3 months in liquid savings


I’d say that a CD and a Roth are fine for the rest. Usually 3 months is more than enough for an emergency. The other 3 months would probably only be used in a job loss situation.

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Would you all count Roth IRA in your EF


total since it is after-tax dollars and can be taken out without penalty. For example, if I have 1 month EF in a CD, 3 months EF in regular savings, and another 2 months EF in a Roth. Would you count that, or do you feel that all EF money should be in just plain savings? Thanks for your feedback.

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I know it’s been awhile


My temp holiday job from last year turned into a perm job and I just moved into full time status last month (benifits started this month), so I haven’t had much time to be online. In addition, art sales have been flat and I am only about $150 in the black this year. I had to do some major repairs to my in-home studio space, such as sealing asbestos tile flooring and resurfacing the stairs leading down into my basement studio.
myUpdate on where we are on the Dave Plan. We are finally at baby step #6. Making an additional $200 a month payment to the principal of our mortgage and cash advances online. That brings our payoff time down to 15 years ( we had 20 years left on a conventional 30 year fixed rate mortgage). I want to get at it a bit more intensly but we have some major expenses coming up in the not so distant future at we are saving for.
1.Our son is getting married. He and his fiance are attending college 1000 miles away and are getting married down there. So we have to travel for the wedding, pay for a rehersal dinner etc…
2.While we have 4 months of living expenses saved in our FFefund, we don’t have a car replacement fund or a major home repair fund. So I feel that we have to focus on building those sinking funds up so that we won’t have to touch our Efund for those thing.
3.We needed a break for the gazelle intensity level we were going at. Hopfully this time next year we are in a position to increase our additional payments to principal.

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I did too


So when we replaced our roof a couple of years ago with a 20 year roof I figured out what we’d have to save to have enough in 20 years to replace it. Granted, living on the gulf coast with hurricanes, we’ll have to replace it sooner. Hopefully insurance will cover part of it and we can use whatever we’ve saved to go towards the deductible. So for now I am putting back $50/month. I know costs will go up in the next 20 years but I figure we’ll be pretty close.

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FFEF covers big ticket items


like 10 months of unemployment (us) a new(er) vehicle if the one you have becomes un-roadworthy (also us, but job ended before we could get one) bunch of stuff going wrong all at once security in case you want to take the leap to a different kind of work, or maybe take that dream job in another part of the country Some people might have that FFEF itemized down to sinking funds. Nothing wrong with that either.

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The size of your emergency fund should depend on what sorts of risks you have


If you can live on one income and at least one of you has very low-risk employment and you have excellent good insurance, especially short- and long-term disability you don’t need as big an emergency fund as someone who is self-employed and self-pays medical care and has a lot of things waiting to break.

It’s no fun thinking about worst case scenarios, but they happen. A relatively common one is that one person is ill or injured, which brings the triple whammy of lost income, big medical bills, and higher living expenses as the partners’ time gets tied up with caretaking (and away from economizing, cooking, yardwork, and other savings)

Me, I’m a single mom with good insurance and a job in a somewhat volatile part of the high-tech industry, an aging house, and a somewhat special needs child. While I’ve survived four layoffs in four years, I take nothing for granted. I want to have enough to cover COBRA and job hunting and not have to panic. I’ve got six months in the FFEF and when I borrowed from it to fix the bathroom I felt really uncomfortable until I put every penny back.

Besides, that money isn’t going anywhere. I can always choose later to put some of it towards my kid’s college or into my retirement account. But right now, the lost interest is the price I’m paying for greatly increased security.

A few years back we had a rough six months


We needed to do some major repairs/replacments that couldn’t wait. The boiler went out (average temps at the time was a high in the mid 20’s) with nighttime temps in the single digits). My new boiler was $3500 (with my brother, who is a licenced plumber, doing all the labor for free). The transmission on my car started to go out ($1200 to rebuild), the hot water heater started leaking $700 to replace (no cost for labor) and we had to replace the electric meater and upgrade our fuse box to circuit breaker (to meet city code). ($1350). I couldn’t have done all that with just a $1000 efund. I did pay cash for everything, didn’t have to wait on anything and while I had wiped out much of my ffefund, I didn’t empty it.
I for one, want to pay cash for my next car, just like I did for the one I’m driving right now. I also want to be able to replace my roof with cash when the time comes (estimated cost is $5,000). (964 sq ft house). I also want to be able to stretch things should one of us become unemployed.

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Some people have a sense of security with a large emergency fund


I tend to agree with you. My emergency fund would be much smaller than 3-6 months of expenses.
Of course, we still are saving up for a downpayment on a house too, so having savings for future house emergencies will be necessary then. My emergency fund will probably need to be bigger then. But for now, it’s all about the house!

I don’t understand why you put “more” money in


savings when you’re debt free than you did when you’re broke?! For instance, since we bought our car (only non-house debt), we have used our emergency fund exactly ONCE when we found a deal on a fridge when ours was slowly dying. We could have waited to save up if we had to. But once we get that car paid off, we can live on either one of our incomes (we can live on his now and my income is debt and spending money) and we don’t need a big emergency fund then! I plan on skipping over BS 3 and using my little moneys for sinking funds instead of sleeping on them.
Just my $.02 and I can’t stand Yahoo’s new format, I don’t know how to reply to a thread

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Well as you know we were extremely cold here in OK most of last week


so we had to depend on the fireplace for our main heat source. Which is okay normally because we generally use wood heat, until it gets icy. Then we generally use the furnace because I’m here alone all day and if I were to fall while getting firewood in the morning I wouldn’t have any help until after o’dark many days.

As you also know the furnace gave up the ghost on us in the middle of all the super cold and not to be out done the spare refrigerator died. Those were our Murphy moments of the last homework report.

Well I am happy to say it looks like Murphy is morphing into Millie. During the super cold we had many brown outs and then when ds came home Friday from Calumet and turned on a space heater to take the cold off his room the breaker blew big time. He reset the breaker and re-arranged where the space heater was plugged in and all was well, in fact it was really a blessing he blew the breaker.

Saturday we went grocery and Christmas shopping then on Sunday the two men tore apart the heat pump compressor to see if they can fix it. It won’t be pretty, but it looks like the patient will survive, possibly with a limp in its getty up, but it should make it through this next ice storm coming in Friday at least. The piece of housing that tore lose is now being replaced with a piece of a burn barrel lid. LOL! Like I said, not pretty but if it works….We’ll know more later this week when they finish the project.

The blessing from ds blowing the breaker was the refrigerator—it’s WORKING! The only thing dh has been able to figure out so far is the brown outs and extreme cold during the week some how caused something to freeze up and the throwing and resetting of the breaker hit a reset button somewhere in the unit. He’s checked for faulty wiring and such and found nothing wrong. So we aren’t going to have to buy a new fridge in January after all! YEA! (nuts).

On the Christmas shopping front I went with the Duggar motto (19 Kids and Counting for those of you who don’ know) “Buy used and save the rest” For two of dh’s “big” gifts. One gift would have ran me $75-$100 but the local merchant I was working with had a used of the item for $10. He said if dh was unhappy with it I could bring it back. This same merchant is going to do a repair on a high dollar item my dh uses frequently and is much need of repair for safety reasons—but he had been refusing to take it to get repaired because every other place wanted three times as much as the merchant I know and trust. So the repair of his well used, antique item will be under $50. Therefore he’s getting about $250 worth of gifts—our limit this year for under $75.

I also did price matching at various stores for ds gifts and cut the cost way down on his gifts as well. I know for a fact both men not only ventured into doing price matching themselves dh actually used a coupon on my gift to save 20%! Of course when he said he needed to go to Bed Bath and Beyond I handed him three different coupons and suggested he use at least one depending on what he purchased. He did and gave the other two to ds so he could use them if he wanted to—he said he was going to use one of them to purchase my birthday gift next payday—the coupon would still be good then. We are all staying under budget on the Christmas CASH we had put back.

I had enough saved of that cash I also purchased the little we need for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners. One small item to order online now for a stocking and I’m done! I’ll spend part of the day today wrapping the gifts. That will be something new compared to the last few years. Generally I’m wrapping on Christmas Eve.

Oh also on the agenda for today is to make new catnip socks for the cats. Literally catnip socks. I use old mismatched socks, fill the toe with catnip and then knot the remainder of the sock several times. The cats adore them and one canister of catnip will do many, many socks—I’m still using the canister I purchased last year.

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My thing was a Smart and Final offer


don’t know if you all have those where you are. They are kind of a restaurant or business supply type store but also have smaller quantities for everyone. Their first offer is over but now they have one for buying $125.00 of gift cards for certain stores, Lowe’s being one of them, the other stores either aren’t here or are fancier ones I don’t shop at. If you buy $125 worth of these gift cards you receive $20 off your next purchase at Smart and Final but it has to be used by 12/24/13. Their dairy, egg, butter etc prices are lower all the time and you don’t have to buy a certain amount to use the $20. You can buy the $20 only and use the full amount against it. They had Foster Farms whole chickens at .79 cents a lb this week. They run this type of offer pretty often. Every couple of months they have Proctor and Gamble products and if you buy so many of their items you wind up with $10 or $15 off next purchase. They do accept manufacturer’s coupons too, just read that Dollar Tree is starting to accept coupons as well.

Two tickets to Paradise


Well, apparently there were two winners in the MegaMillions jackpot. One in California, one in Atlanta, Ga. Sharon, did you get the one in Atlanta? 🙂

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Well it was good news and a slight bit of bad news at the ss office


First the bad, despite signing up in Dec we won’t get our first checks until the third Wednesday of Feb. And if I had thought I’d of known they pay a month behind your actual “earned” month. I mean it’s not like this is my first dealing with SS. I simply forgot. So that will slow the debt snowball down a bit, but the second bit of news will make it catch up after a few months.
The checks are at the minimum going to total $300-$400 more a month than I calculated at first and then possibly go up from there due to the several variables I mentioned last post on this. Since dh’s will probably go up, mine (which is a percentage of his) will go up too.
So two months from today the direct deposits should start hitting our account each month. Then our debt payoff and immediately needed repairs should really get rolling.

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