Home repairs • A few years back we had a rough six months

A few years back we had a rough six months


We needed to do some major repairs/replacments that couldn’t wait. The boiler went out (average temps at the time was a high in the mid 20’s) with nighttime temps in the single digits). My new boiler was $3500 (with my brother, who is a licenced plumber, doing all the labor for free). The transmission on my car started to go out ($1200 to rebuild), the hot water heater started leaking $700 to replace (no cost for labor) and we had to replace the electric meater and upgrade our fuse box to circuit breaker (to meet city code). ($1350). I couldn’t have done all that with just a $1000 efund. I did pay cash for everything, didn’t have to wait on anything and while I had wiped out much of my ffefund, I didn’t empty it.
I for one, want to pay cash for my next car, just like I did for the one I’m driving right now. I also want to be able to replace my roof with cash when the time comes (estimated cost is $5,000). (964 sq ft house). I also want to be able to stretch things should one of us become unemployed.

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