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A useful point to consider:


Television is filled with infomercials selling “Get Rich” systems-Carlton Sheets and real estate, people selling internet business kits, people selling systems teaching you how to get rich selling stuff with classified ads and the like.
MLM functions and business conventions are full of people selling motivational books and tapes.

These people are getting their money selling you their system. If these systems really worked, do you think they would go around teaching people how to compete with them?? No way!! No, they have found a much bigger market and a much bigger residual income recording a commercial, or getting paid to speak at a function, or selling their books through Dexter Yager.

I am
suggesting that these people are selling their ideas to the gullible through television or Amway functions precisely because their systems DON’T work. If I had the kind of money they claim to have, I’d find some really nice place to live and read, write a little, maybe write some music, live a healthy lifestyle, and I sure wouldn’t be hawking books and tapes at an Amway function or ripping people off with some bogus get-rich system.

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