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Have you read Mr. Money Mustache?


His blog is amazing. He has the cheapest cell phones and no cable. But I’m not sure I can get rid of cable and all its accoutrements either. My DH and I like cable too! I’d say get rid of blockbuster and do Redbox or Amazon as needed. We spend less than $3 a week for movies on Friday night with those options plus Netflix.
Our cable and internet are bundled for $107/month. And I thought that was high!
Definitely love Netflix! Watch lots of shows and movies with that!
You didn’t say how old your kids are. Must be teenagers with cell phones. Our free options for our kids includes walking all over the place: grocery store, coffee, dog park, friend’s houses. This takes time and energy, so less time to “be bored”. Swimming can be cheap or free. We stay home a lot and let them sleep in and then get dressed and do chores around 11am. After that lunch and an activity or not. Sometimes they do worksheets based on their age, do chores, and read. It’s not always a “fun” day during the summer and there is a bit of complaining, but oh well. They will live!
My oldest wants to go to an amusement park. Cost for the ticket = $40. She had to find work to save up for it. She’s gotten quite a few babysitting jobs and cat sitting. Now she has money for the movies and stuff like that. It doesn’t come out of my pocket.
My younger ones have pay jobs, like wash car, organize a closet, or vacuum the whole couch. Things I don’t like to do!