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Hello again


Any info would be welcome, we intend to include a testimonials page when we’ve gathered enough stories (and believe me there’s quite a few coming in). As our site covers TTN in general and we’re thinking about expanding into other scams as well (Ponci schemes, Nigerian schemes etc), we feel that ALLway -the mother of all scams- deserves (5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Payday Loan Scams) its own special page. We haven’t received any local insider info yet so we can’t publish anything apart from the general reasons why the scheme doesn’t work…

Oh, and we were never involved in any scheme, we were prospected repeatedly from friends, old schoolmates, even ex-mates and we had a quite good look on the whole affair as it sucked them in. We read their books, heard their tapes, saw the videos, smelled the mouth spray. Then we searched on the Internet and saw the whole picture. When we showed them our finds, they responded exactly as we read they would.
Now, that was suspicious – it gave credit or legitimate payday loans online no credit check to all the info we’d been reading. We played along and let them make another presentation, we went to meetings, we met their uplines. We couldn’t risk any involvement (we’d rather spend all our lives sitting on the motorway and watch the cars go by than hop on the TTN train) so we stopped there and dodged their repetitive calls for joining.
Most of them are out now, it took them 6-8 months to see it was pointless, however they blame themselves and not the pyramid -and that’s what we’re out to change (hopefully).

We haven’t received any hate mail (yet) although there’s a debate in many forums that got sparked up by our announcement of the site. Of course we’re not so naive as to think we’ll stop the thing but we feel it’s good to have a site in ENG language that opposes the whole (Must NOT! Lose Money) idea and makes some people give it a second thought. When we were prospected we found much info on a subject we knew nothing and that helped us shape an opinion and spot the trap. Likewise, we’re offering the same chance to many would-be victims. Do your homework before you sign up…

Anyone that has any local info we could integrate can mail us at apatesgr@… and nothing will be posted prior to your consent. As the legions of brainwashed distributors can be a pain in the ***, we feel we must respect any claims on anonymity.