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I don’t want to be the difficult one, but I do want to put out this warning


If you do ask a military family to purchase stuff for you for either cash or barter, and they get caught somehow, then they will lose their privilege to continue to shop at the commissary. DECA, the commissary people, are really cracking down. They are now considering this a new form of shoplifting. Which seems really silly since you are paying and not stealing, but the consequence is the same. Also when anyone in the family gets in any trouble on the base/ post their sponsor, military member, chain of command is informed. And they generally get in some kind of trouble. They could get a warning report in their file or they could get extra duty or required counseling or whatever. Depending on the chain of command & the offense and the number of prior offenses.
I have seen a kid shop something low in value and that kid is never allowed in another military px/ bx/ nex ever, so if he grow up and joins the service he still can never shop there and he was only 12 when he did this. That is really strict.
Another adult wife, very young though, was shopping with her mom and they saw the mom give the lady money & make a purchase. Her husband was called and informed she is no longer allowed to shop there. Now the mom was visiting and trying to be nice to a young, newly married couple. And the lady lost her privileges to shop at the commissary for life. She said she thought when she moved she would be able to shop at the new one, but apparently she was placed on their naughty list as well.
The military world is not like the civilian world and right now with the down sizing they are looking for reasons to have people get out. A lot of policies are being altered, for example they have a policy that there is a certain number of years you can be in a rank before you have to either get promoted or get out. Some of these are being lowered so people are having to get out. A friend of ours just found out that his number went from 5 more to only 2 more, if he doesn’t make the next 2 promotions then he has to get out.