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I haven’t any experience with any ELPs


But we have lucked into having a very Christian minded man as our investment guy and have been quite happy with him.He’s not an ELP, but, ironically, he is very familar with Dave Ramsey’s teachings. I will say, I was speaking with him the other day and I told him we would be investing money in the future in index funds with Vanguard. He hadn’t anything to say about this. I do know Dave suggests Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, and Int’l Funds for all of us in our portfolios. Okay. We’ve got those and we’re doing well. I have, however, heard Dave say from time to time that he has Index Funds as well. I’m reading a fantastic investment primer book, The Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam, and the more I learn, the more I realize, I should have been putting our money into Index Funds. It’s almost like “duh, what’s wrong with you?” I highly suggest this as a great book as a financial literacy tool, but I also think it’s a better financial strategy than what Dave is recommending for us. Just read the book. I’m sure your library will have it. As for my financial guy? Well, he won’t glean a penny if I go with Index Funds. I like this man a lot, but he too has to earn a living. Nothing wrong with that, but, bottom line, the only person who knows what’s best for him/her and for their family is the people who are most intimately involved and who are spending their own money. Please. Read the book. It’s very educational and very readable, even if it does push Index Funds and not all the managed funds that Dave recommends.