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I know it’s been awhile


My temp holiday job from last year turned into a perm job and I just moved into full time status last month (benifits started this month), so I haven’t had much time to be online. In addition, art sales have been flat and I am only about $150 in the black this year. I had to do some major repairs to my in-home studio space, such as sealing asbestos tile flooring and resurfacing the stairs leading down into my basement studio.
myUpdate on where we are on the Dave Plan. We are finally at baby step #6. Making an additional $200 a month payment to the principal of our mortgage and cash advances online. That brings our payoff time down to 15 years ( we had 20 years left on a conventional 30 year fixed rate mortgage). I want to get at it a bit more intensly but we have some major expenses coming up in the not so distant future at we are saving for.
1.Our son is getting married. He and his fiance are attending college 1000 miles away and are getting married down there. So we have to travel for the wedding, pay for a rehersal dinner etc…
2.While we have 4 months of living expenses saved in our FFefund, we don’t have a car replacement fund or a major home repair fund. So I feel that we have to focus on building those sinking funds up so that we won’t have to touch our Efund for those thing.
3.We needed a break for the gazelle intensity level we were going at. Hopfully this time next year we are in a position to increase our additional payments to principal.

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