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I’m lucky, this is my second time around


My children are 22 and 24 from my first marriage. My husband died. I learned a lot of things. I did remarry and now I have a 7 and a 5 year old. I haven’t spent a single dollar they have been gifted. Not a penny. Not from bdays, Baptisms, random holidays or whatever. Mind you, we’re not scrooges. We still gave the children gifts from whomever it was who gifted them the cash, only we purchased those gifts out of our pockets and still pocketed the checks. My son now has close to $6k in his ING acct, and our daughter has close to $4k in hers. We’ve noted the imbalance, so now we auto draft $5 weekly into our son’s ING acct and $10 weekly into our daughter’s ING acct. We think, given the money the are gifted and what we add weekly, they should be able to purchase decent vehicles from this fund by the time they are of driving age. I wouldn’t have thought of doing this the first time around, but now I’m older and wiser.