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My daughter in law is setting up a website for a ‘wonderful’ guy


He claims to have been the youngest diamond in Amway back in the 70’s… and had some program called Olde Worlde… has been ‘ripped off’ by business partners…lots of sob stories as well as success stories, most of them ending in someone else messing up and ending the program. I could go on and on about him and what he’s said. I met him a couple weeks ago and all I got from him was ‘slimeball’.
He’s looking for diet pills and herbal teas to sell…but his focus is on setting up this MLM program…the matrix… 2×22 or something.
Doesn’t mean anything to me. Going to give out 1000 ‘free’ positions so that people can go online and see that there is already a downline in place for them. Of course, that downline are also people who have been given a ‘free’ position… but if they want that position, they have to then pay $600 to retain that position. He’s not got product set up yet. My daughter in law has worked for this guy putting together his web stuff for multiple sites for multiple products. He claims to have lots of money in realestate… but not enough money to pay her regularly. He pays her when she asks… and only like $500 at a time. He’s agreed, not in writing, to pay her $40 an hour…
which is already low for a web designer/programmer… but she’s relatively new at it and felt like he’d keep her busy enough that she wouldn’t have to be searching for other clients… and that this agreed upon rate was acceptable… of course he said yes, but he’s not paid it. She gets mad when I bring it up that he needs to pay her. So… now she says he wants my son to be his product distributor. Wants him to quit his job of 6 years… and he’ll pay him not enough… to bag tea and mail it to people from home…
including people overseas. Raw tea leaves. He told him to find an insurance policy he likes and he’ll buy it for him so he doesn’t have to worry about having his family go without health insurance… He’s offered to buy a big house, I’m sure to sell out of… I found out from a niece that they have been actively looking for places with him…makes me sick to my stomach..and he’ll buy their condo and let them live in the big house for the same rent that they’re paying for their condo… He’s not asked them to join this MLM… at least she says he hasn’t. So, here’s my fear… that this guy is a major scammer. I can’t find much of anything on him online. Some real estate transations… he’s also involved in Prepaid Legal… and I have found some documentation that has him listed as an attorney in some case. Sooo… I guess my questions is… I know my son is set up to lose EVERYTHING. They are young.. 23 and 24… have a baby…
I’m thinking he’s going to scam them out of their home. I’m trying to find out if you can legally package raw tea in ziploc baggies and mail it… are my sons hands going to be filthy dirty in crime?
They’re very naive… and a little upset that I’d question her bosses integrity. I’m telling you, he’s slimy. Loud… hawiian shirt…
talking a mile a minute… when you listen to what he says, it’s nothing… talking in circles. My dil says most of those who have signed up sofar are older people. I’m just sick over this. Oh… he says he could make my son an employee, but it makes more sense for him to be an independent contractor… for tax purposes… it would be better for my son… and they’d just filter his income through her website development company. And also, the business is one that is filed in Nevada… supposedly for tax purposes. We do not live in Nevada. Everything she’s told me, he’s convinced her is legal. I know it’s not. No way. So, sorry to ramble. I’ve been searching the internet for two days looking for anything on this guy…good or bad. And I’m stuck. Daughter in law says she doesn’t have time to research the legality of it all, and that if I want to do it, do it.
So, I am. What government agencies can I contact to find out if he’s in their crosshairs already? Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks a ton in advance.

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