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My thing was a Smart and Final offer


don’t know if you all have those where you are. They are kind of a restaurant or business supply type store but also have smaller quantities for everyone. Their first offer is over but now they have one for buying $125.00 of gift cards for certain stores, Lowe’s being one of them, the other stores either aren’t here or are fancier ones I don’t shop at. If you buy $125 worth of these gift cards you receive $20 off your next purchase at Smart and Final but it has to be used by 12/24/13. Their dairy, egg, butter etc prices are lower all the time and you don’t have to buy a certain amount to use the $20. You can buy the $20 only and use the full amount against it. They had Foster Farms whole chickens at .79 cents a lb this week. They run this type of offer pretty often. Every couple of months they have Proctor and Gamble products and if you buy so many of their items you wind up with $10 or $15 off next purchase. They do accept manufacturer’s coupons too, just read that Dollar Tree is starting to accept coupons as well.