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Oh, you’re stuck for sure, Mason :)


My mother-in-law lived on Coronado so I know how expensive your food prices are. I’m super lucky. I’ve lived all over the US and never have I lived in a place where farming has been a major industry as it currently is in my community. I live in northern MI. It’s a huge movement here to grow food and animals organically/naturally, but, we have a wonderful state in which to do this economically, so to speak. There are so many people getting into the business of small farming and ranching, that I would think it’s worth your while to check out localharvest.org as Kathryn suggested. I will testify to the fact that this is where I found our farmer almost 8 years ago. We were one of his first clients and now he’s quite popular and is doing well, and we are very pleased with the meats he continues to offer to us. If you don’t find something on localharvest.org, call around to a couple of your local butcher shops or meat processor/slaughter houses and see what they can suggest to you. These people would be key to learning where the best deal would be in your community.