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Thanks Shay for the reply


Our five kids are ages 10-17. We have an HOA pool, free to use (although we do have to pay HOA dues). But that gets a little old after a while.
I’d love to get a bundle discount, but with no competition, I am not able to be a “first time” customer to get it. I’ve looked at “bundling”. Maybe I should look at it again. The last time I looked though, my bills would have gone up!
You’re walking idea is great, only there is no where to go. Our subdivision is to far from anything other than a friends house. And even at that, the roads provide no safe place for them to walk.
My oldest just scored her first job, so that will help her. We need a car, and so she is going to buy one. I already told her that it would be our “third” car, but it is hers, and we would make it fair if she did something for the family.

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