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To be perfectly honest


we have dealt with (or tried to deal with) ELPs in three different states, and never had a good experience.

When we lived in Pittsburgh, we contacted an ELP regarding 401(k)s we had in several states, and the fact that we needed new life insurance. We met with him, then never heard from him again.

Also while living in Pittsburgh, we had to sell our house in Michigan. We contact the ELP in Jackson, along with a couple other realtors. The other ones responded immediately. The ELP did not get back to us for several days. As it turns out, he was in the hospital, but the fact that he didn’t have someone else to cover for him did not impress us. Especially since we were selling from out of state.

Our third attempt was here in Ohio when we were ready to buy a house. We wanted a real estate agent that really knew our area — small town (population 21,000) that is about an hour north of Dayton. The ELP we were recommended is from SOUTH of Dayton, about 70 miles away from us! That was WAY too far away for our comfort.

When it was time for look for a financial consultant, we did NOT check out the ELP. My guess is he would have also been from Dayton and we just weren’t interested in dealing with consultants that far away.

As always, your mileage may vary..

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