Home fire • Well as you know we were extremely cold here in OK most of last week

Well as you know we were extremely cold here in OK most of last week


so we had to depend on the fireplace for our main heat source. Which is okay normally because we generally use wood heat, until it gets icy. Then we generally use the furnace because I’m here alone all day and if I were to fall while getting firewood in the morning I wouldn’t have any help until after o’dark many days.

As you also know the furnace gave up the ghost on us in the middle of all the super cold and not to be out done the spare refrigerator died. Those were our Murphy moments of the last homework report.

Well I am happy to say it looks like Murphy is morphing into Millie. During the super cold we had many brown outs and then when ds came home Friday from Calumet and turned on a space heater to take the cold off his room the breaker blew big time. He reset the breaker and re-arranged where the space heater was plugged in and all was well, in fact it was really a blessing he blew the breaker.

Saturday we went grocery and Christmas shopping then on Sunday the two men tore apart the heat pump compressor to see if they can fix it. It won’t be pretty, but it looks like the patient will survive, possibly with a limp in its getty up, but it should make it through this next ice storm coming in Friday at least. The piece of housing that tore lose is now being replaced with a piece of a burn barrel lid. LOL! Like I said, not pretty but if it works….We’ll know more later this week when they finish the project.

The blessing from ds blowing the breaker was the refrigerator—it’s WORKING! The only thing dh has been able to figure out so far is the brown outs and extreme cold during the week some how caused something to freeze up and the throwing and resetting of the breaker hit a reset button somewhere in the unit. He’s checked for faulty wiring and such and found nothing wrong. So we aren’t going to have to buy a new fridge in January after all! YEA! (nuts).

On the Christmas shopping front I went with the Duggar motto (19 Kids and Counting for those of you who don’ know) “Buy used and save the rest” For two of dh’s “big” gifts. One gift would have ran me $75-$100 but the local merchant I was working with had a used of the item for $10. He said if dh was unhappy with it I could bring it back. This same merchant is going to do a repair on a high dollar item my dh uses frequently and is much need of repair for safety reasons—but he had been refusing to take it to get repaired because every other place wanted three times as much as the merchant I know and trust. So the repair of his well used, antique item will be under $50. Therefore he’s getting about $250 worth of gifts—our limit this year for under $75.

I also did price matching at various stores for ds gifts and cut the cost way down on his gifts as well. I know for a fact both men not only ventured into doing price matching themselves dh actually used a coupon on my gift to save 20%! Of course when he said he needed to go to Bed Bath and Beyond I handed him three different coupons and suggested he use at least one depending on what he purchased. He did and gave the other two to ds so he could use them if he wanted to—he said he was going to use one of them to purchase my birthday gift next payday—the coupon would still be good then. We are all staying under budget on the Christmas CASH we had put back.

I had enough saved of that cash I also purchased the little we need for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners. One small item to order online now for a stocking and I’m done! I’ll spend part of the day today wrapping the gifts. That will be something new compared to the last few years. Generally I’m wrapping on Christmas Eve.

Oh also on the agenda for today is to make new catnip socks for the cats. Literally catnip socks. I use old mismatched socks, fill the toe with catnip and then knot the remainder of the sock several times. The cats adore them and one canister of catnip will do many, many socks—I’m still using the canister I purchased last year.

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