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Wow, that’s changed a lot since I was a Navy wife


Thanks for the warning; apparently that particular idea is something to put on the “never mind” list. I suppose in a way it is a privilege and subject to be revoked. Totally different attitude though. I suppose that’s what 25 years of society change will do. Back when I was a Navy wife, we could bring guests for shopping as long as it wasn’t the entire neighborhood, and buying something for someone else was also commonplace as long as it wasn’t hundreds of dollars a visit worth of stuff. We knew it was frowned upon as a habitual, large scale thing, but yea it sounds like they’ve really tightened down the rules a lot.
It did occur to me though, that there are other grocery stores which generally sell in bulk and/or at lower overall cost. Some of them are restaurant supply places which serve both wholesale and retail clients. Some are regional super-centers (more common in the Intermountain west) which cater to folks who only get into town once every few months. Some are outlet places which don’t have any frills (for instance, you bag your own groceries). But those would also be potential ways to save money, without riling up the neighborhood military base.
I did hear back from several folks from my various lists. I’ll forward those along off-list over the next day or so after I’ve gotten most of the comments I’m likely to get.

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